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A short bio for those who don't like reading.

Nic Tusa is a 22 year old writer of things; mostly sci fi, fantasy and things that go 'boom,' however, the occasional thoughtful, sensitive piece. She currently resides in New York, but has dreams of moving to London.


A long bio for those who want to know.

Nic Tusa, writer extraordinaire to be, was born in 1988 in New York. She skipped kindergarten, did the traditional school thing, ran cross country and track, and wanted to be a doctor. Then James Joyce happened, she figured out that she liked neither chemistry nor physics, and decided to go to school for her REAL passion, writing.

After a four-year stint at a liberal arts college in upstate New York (oh, the snow), Nic completed her B.A. degree in Creative Writing, won a fiction prize, made two boys cry, wrote and drew a graphic novel, started working on Harem of Droids (the title of which came from a strange, yet forgettable conversation in the dining hall), and won a film treatment contest for the concept of Anomaly (which is also still a work in progress).

Currently, Nic plans on fleeing the country for the land of awesome accents, tea and Doctor Who in order to pursue an M.F.A. in Creative Writing (unless, of course, Hollywood calls and she's forced to move to L.A.). She is a fan of extreme sarcasm, giving advice (particularly relationship advice), and will talk at length about the following topics: Star Trek, Doctor Who, why caffeine is awesome, and steampunk fashion (among other things).