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Sunday, January 25, 2009


You know that phrase: too many irons in the fire? Sometimes, I'm a blacksmith.

Works in the Making

Harem of Droids:
When David Redd's toaster starts predicting the future he knows something is wrong. When he gets attacked by robots, he knows something is very wrong. Aided by corporate-spy/stripper Aiko and his baby sister/hacker extraordinaire, David has to stop a psychopath with dreams of world domination before his dissertation is due.
HoD is currently at the 50k mark, and will be completed and prepared for the agent-search as soon as I get my act together.

Based in the future, children called Apathetics are born. They are incapable of feeling emotions. The government grabs the chance to turn them into sleeper agents. Twenty years later, when the project is about to be deployed, three Apathetics find out about their past and decide to fight back.
Patiently waiting in the queue.

Perchance to Dream:
A "Hamlet" retelling from Ophelia's point of view.
Currently a very rough short story that is begging to be expanded, but needs to learn to wait its turn.

Long Island has been quarantined after a Native American curse sets a shape-shifter loose. A young man, the last of the people allowed to leave the Island, returns in search for his mother, a doctor who never left. He meets a young woman, Georgianna Never, who is trying to run away from her destiny as an Alpha.
Currently in the outline stages and waiting in a holding pattern until I learn how to function with negative sleep.

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