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Friday, February 5, 2010

Prompt Friday: "Batesian Mimicry"

“Like a butterfly, she magically…”

Batesian Mimicry

Like a butterfly, she magically wriggled her way out of her duct tape cocoon, blinking away tears as the adhesive ripped the tiny hairs out of her arms. She had spent the better part of three hours trying to free herself from the silver tape that held her securely to the metal folding chair, using a safety pin and the limited range of motion of her tingling fingers to hack at the bonds. Now that her hands were free, she massaged the feeling back into her extremities and gently peeled the tape off of her mouth. Her lips were dry, and she could taste the blood on her equally dry tongue. She pulled at the remaining tape, until she was no longer one with the chair.

She slipped her feet from her sneakers -- which had been secured to the warehouse floor with roughly half a roll of duct tape -- and slithered from the chair. She crouched on the ground, listening for any sign that her captors had heard her making her escape. The only sound was her breathing: slow and calm, despite the clench of anxiety high in her chest. She took advantage of her socked feet, and slid across the smooth cement floor to the door that she had seen out of the corner of her eye.

The three kidnappers were sleeping as she tiptoed past them.

“Unprofessional,” she thought, as she fought the urge to retaliate. Two days spent in a strange warehouse, taped to a chair with no food or water. Instead, she glided past them on silent feet and out the door.

They had questioned her for hours about the location of hidden missiles, the launch codes for various weapons systems, things she claimed she didn’t have the answers to. She told them her name was Anna and she just wanted to go home, and had no idea what they were talking about, and would they please put the guns away because they were scarring her, and, please please please tell her what was going on. She had even managed to make herself cry before that slapped her across the face and taped over her mouth.

She was at full sprint within three steps out of the warehouse. The icy ground was tearing at her unprotected feet, and she was certain that she was leaving a blood trail that even her idiot captors would be able to follow, but she didn’t care. Her contingency plan was already rolling through her mind: don’t stop running until proper civilization; find shoes; head to the safe house and tell her superiors where to find Mo, Larry and Curly (as she had started referring to them in her mind). If she could keep up her current pace for the next hour, she would make it to the safe house before morning, and, hopefully, before her captors woke. She would find them before they found her, and then -- when she had her hand around her sidearm and was surrounded by a dozen CIA agents -- she would tell them her real name. And inform them just how abysmal at holding onto a bargaining chip they were.

She was ten minutes out from the warehouse when she allowed herself a single, exhilarated whoop of celebration, reveling in the feeling of ground soaring beneath her feet.

nt - 2/5/10

Notes: Batesian mimicry is a protection mechanism in which a non-harmful creature (i.e. tasty butterflies, non-poisonous frogs) evolves to have similar features as one of its harmful counterparts (i.e. unpalatable butterflies, poisonous frogs) in order to dissuade predators from eating them.

*Prompt taken from The Write Brain Workbook: 366 Exercises to Liberate Your Writing by Bonnie Neubauer

Thursday, February 4, 2010

In Which I Discuss The Schedule

I decided that this blog needs a little structure. Sort of like how eating breakfast every day helps you from gaining weight or something ridiculous like that, I am going to do give my posting days a semblance of structure.

Status Report Mondays: Where I present you with the State of the Writer. What I'm doing, how my projects are going, and if I've heard back from anyone in regards to anything.

Question Wednesdays: Wherein I answer a question! If you would like to ask a question to be answered on Question Wednesday, email them to me.

Prompt Fridays: In an attempt to whip my muse into shape, I have decided to institute Prompt Fridays. I will find a prompt in one of my many prompt books, and write something in response to it.

All backlogs of these posts will be available in the "Navigate!" section in the sidebar dooblydoo under their respective names. There will be other posts in between when I'm feeling motivated or have something to talk about.

Tomorrow will be the inaugural Prompt Friday, so get excited.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Question Wednesday

Q: If you could take three TV characters from three different shows -- and have them all be in a single, different show --who would the characters be, and what would the show be about?

A: The players: Casey from Chuck, Jayne from Firefly and Parker from Leverage.
The concept: Three slightly crazy and definitely gun-happy strangers, are dumped in an artist’s commune in the middle of nowhere. While adjusting to the hippy life, they need to figure out who dumped them there and why it is that Casey and Jayne look so damn similar. Hijinks ensue, and Parker gets too much enjoyment from jumping out of trees onto people.

In other news, I just finished reading Paper Towns by John Green, who is apparently getting a lot of free pimpage from me. And since I finished Anomaly, it's back to work on Harem of Droids, and trying to come up with how exactly someone would go about out-grifting a grifter with only a paper clip and a piece of gum.


Monday, February 1, 2010

An Abundance of Daniels

Sometimes, my life really reads like a work of fiction. I swear, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

Case in point: at this singular point in time, I have seven separate and distinct Daniels in my life. For anyone out there who is a nerdfighter, this may sound very similar to John Green's "An Abundance of Katherines," in which the protagonist has dated, and been dumped by, 19 Katherines. Go read it if you haven't. And John Green, if you're reading this, let's be friends.

Anyway, let me list out the Daniels, and their qualifiers.

1. British Dan. I, and best-friend-Julia, met him in the airport on our way to London (wherein we were stranded in New York for a night). A Facebook stalk (on his part) and massive IMing later, and I've decided he's the Typhoid Mary of Daniels.

2. Co-Worker Dan. He started a few weeks earlier than me, and I have way too much fun teasing him about how slowly he drives. There are only so many times you can zoom past someone on the highway before it becomes apparent that there is something wrong with their right foot.

3 & 4. Elder Dans. Both of them are on Dan's van (so much rhyming!). One of them is in a wheelchair and waves to me whenever I see him, and the other one is a fan of turning the radio up as loud as it goes while in the van alone. Mostly to blast Celine Dion. Even though today it was Lady Gaga. My-my-my poker face, my-my poker face.

5 & 6 - Veteran's Home Dans. Both of them work at the Veteran's Home where the Elder Dans are dropped off. It gets really confusing when there are five Dans in the lobby and someone says: "Dan, come over here."

7. Extender Dan. He works in the hospital my grandmother as an extender (a CNA who is also phlebotomy certified). He came in to watch the football playoffs with us a bit, and the whole family thinks he's awesome.

And, of course, there are other Daniels that I know from school (from elementary school on, the most memorable from recently being Capoeira Dan who graduated from college a year before me, and would be on the list if I actually spoke to him on a regular basis).

The Daniel Infestation is almost as bad as the time I was being stalked by the Command Crew of Star Trek: TOS. Two co-workers, real names: Kirk and Scotti; one of my grandmother's doctors: Shpock; another co-worker who looked like DeForrest Kelly (Bones); and a client who had an accent just like Chekov's. Seriously, I don't know how it happens, but my life becomes a sitcom 85% of the time.

Tomorrow's my dad's birthday, so the next update will be Question Wednesday!