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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Prompt Friday: "Bird In the Sky"

The song "Bliss" by Muse (see below for link)
Bird In the Sky

And this is how it felt.

He could feel, more than see, the stars expanding; the planets rotating; himself falling. Plunging into the black, supernovas and burning dust passing by his wheeling body. Arms spread wide to embrace the plummet of freedom.

Light the color of rose petals rose to meet him as his clothes pulled at his body, and the constant shuuuuh of rushing wind pressed and swelled around his eardrums.

He couldn't keep his eyes open, the speed tore at his eyelashes and coaxed pricks of water from his tearducts, so he submitted to the feeling, deprived of his senses, and just felt.

nt - 5/1/10

Notes: Whoops, this is a day late (and super short!). This past week was a trying experience of just one thing on top of the next, so I spent my Friday after work finishing First Lord's Fury because I absolutely refused to do anything else, just so I would have enough time to decompress.

Title taken from the song "Feeling Good," originally written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse and covered by Nina Simone, Muse, and approximately 20 other people.

Based off and inspired by this song/video by Muse:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Question Wednesday

Q: So what did you think of Will Grayson, Will Grayson?

Warning: Spoilers!


I love YA books. Make no mistake of that. I also love books/tv shows/etc that deal with what it's like to be GLBT. I think that it is brave and wonderful to have a point of view that isn't the privileged, heteronormative white guy's perspective.

That being said, WGWG was an enjoyable read. The alternating chapters (the story is told by two different teenagers named Will Grayson who accidentally meet in a porn store) took a while to get used to, mainly because every time the chapter switched over, there was something intriguing going on with the OTHER Will Grayson. Sure, this is a good way to tell a story, keep the reader interested, WHATEVER, but I have limited patience! I want to know NOW.

Also, I may have preferred John Green's chapters to David Levithan's chapters; mostly because I'm predisposed to being a John Green fan. However, Levithan's e.e. cummings THING took a while for me to learn how to deal with. Green is just funnier somehow and has a wit about him that Levithan lacks, yet makes up for in his accurate portrayal of Angst. Yes, with a capital 'a.'

I thought that both Will Graysons were well rounded and had interesting ways of dealing with high school and life and their own/their friends homosexuality. I thought the minor characters were also great. I disliked Maura, but could almost sympathize with her, and John Green has this way of writing awesome, dynamic teenage girls that made Jane jump off the page.

And Tiny Cooper. The person this book is really about. Surrounded by Will Graysons who love him (in different manners), and searching for love in all the wrong places. Ridiculously talented, and not afraid to show it. Gayer than a daisy, and not afraid to show it. Just all around fearless, but still in need of validation that someone, somewhere appreciates him. And isn't this what high school is ultimately about? Finding yourself, being okay with yourself, but still left with that insecurity that people don't love you for you.

And I think that is where WGWG excels. Capturing that feeling, and how different people deal with it, and serving it up with a cast of characters that you just want to be friends with.

Anyone else have any thoughts on WGWG that they'd like to share?

Again, a highly recommended book.

On another note, I had a conversation with Legendary today. I should be one week away from a real... audible connection. Points for those who get the reference without clicking the link.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Status Report Monday (feeling a little dead around the eyes)

Welcome to the void.

No response from managers. Not that I'm really expecting them to be tripping all over themselves to get to me and grovel at my feet to represent me because I am a genius, but it would be nice to get a phone call or an email saying something to the effect of: 'Hey, got your screenplay, read it, not sure it's for us, but keep trying!'

I'm just wishing there was a hint of professionalism regarding getting back to people about THINGS. ANY thing, really. We live in the information age, an email takes 3 seconds to write and send. Especially if it's a form letter. NOT HARD.

Anyway, I'm trying to set up a phone call with Legendary to try to find out what's going on.

We're rattling into May, and I'm still at a complete and total loss as to what I am going to do come September. My deposit for grad school is in and ready to go, but my finances aren't square (if anything, they're sort of a wobbly circle drawn by a kindergartner), and due to my current family situation/crisis, I am wallowing in guilt at the idea of leaving for two years in just over four months.

(Also, I would really, REALLY like to have a conversation about something other than hospitals, nursing homes, the weather, or wtf I'm going to do in four months.)

Harem is crawling at this point because I'm too preoccupied with the aforementioned Life Choices. Anomaly is literally laying on my floor, being ignnored; Awixa is still bumbling about my mind, scratching for attention, but still needs massive amounts of research and planning before I will even deign to begin writing. Also, in what was probably a poor decision, I decided to join a fandom writing contest. Because I needed one more thing on my plate, obviously. I am excited about it, though.

Furthermore, my self-imposed (and quite happy, thankyouverymuch) single-ness was... threatened, I guess is a good word... when a male friend of mine decided he wanted to ask me out. Over IM. With the following message: "So, after my divorce is finalized, we are dating, right?"

No. No, we are not dating. There is so much wrong with this situation that I can't even decide on a GOOD place to start, so I'll just pick anywhere.

1. You're 36. That's 14 years older than me.
2. You're getting divorced. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I refuse to be someone's second attempt.
4. I have said, multiple times, that I am not dating ANYONE at this point in time. Please respect that.
5. I'm not even sure I will be in the country to date you. This too, has been clearly articulated.
6. We were clearly in the friends zone. You don't go THERE from the friends zone.
7. NO.

This is the third guy over the age of 30 who has decided they want to date me. This is just getting ridiculous at this point.

One of my friends just asked me to be a carny worker with him this summer. I'm starting to think that this is a fantastic idea. It's no blue police box, but it's close enough.

And now, I will go attempt to get some writing done. Or reading. I've been trying to work my way through Jim Butcher's First Lord's Fury, but my focus and concentration has been for the birds this last week. Speaking of birds, I totally hit one with the windshield of my ambulette this morning. I was momentarily shocked that it failed to fly OVER my vehicle.

See? That paragraph right there is proof that my concentration is shot.