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Friday, May 14, 2010

Prompt Friday: "Cubicles"

“I kissed him...”


I kissed him. Right there, in the middle of everyone: co-workers, bosses, that weird guy who always hung around the office but didn't actually work there...

I just leaned in, grabbed him by the collar, and laid one on him with such force that I was half-certain that I had accidentally knocked one of my front teeth out.

And if anything could possibly be more awkward than kissing a co-worker in the middle of the office, in the middle of the day, in front of an audience, making it look like a slasher-cum-vampire film by bleeding from the mouth would be the way to go.

His hands had flown up to my arms when I had lunged for his shirt, and were gripping the backs of my elbows as tightly as I was fisting the material of his shirt between my fingers. His lips were dry against mine, and, blessedly, beginning to part slightly under the pressure of my lips. The warm tease of his tongue brushed against my bottom lip, and I began to relax slightly, allowing the tense muscles of my shoulders ease out of the knots they were beginning to form. I tilted my head slightly to the right, and he mirrored my motions, slotting our mouths together so that our noses no longer bumped together.

Oh, I was definitely getting fired for this.

I finally released his shirt, unconsciously smoothing the wrinkles I had created, while simultaneously taking advantage of the proximity and permission to touch to admire the muscles underneath. Muscles that flexed and relaxed as his hands made their way from my arms to my waist.

I could hear the shell-shocked group of our co-workers start to shift, awkwardly, uncomfortably, and slowly filter from the room. I took a step closer and wrapped my arms around his neck, not wanting to let go.

Getting fired would totally be worth it.

Someone cleared their throat, somewhere behind me and to the left. I was less than pleased to separate my lips from his, but when I finally opened my eyes, and looked into his, I could see the gleam of happiness in his stare. Well, then.

I straightened up, rearranged my shirt (which had gotten rucked up a bit during the...kissing) and turned to face the owner of one particularly stern throat-clearing noise.

"Get back to work," my boss said, arching her eyebrow angrily. I nodded silently, but didn't fail to see the small smirk at the corner of her lips. I took two steps to walk past her, and she turned and began to walk with me.

"Finally," she whispered, her face still a mask of seriousness. "We had a pool going as to when you two were going to stop making starry eyes at each other over the water cooler and do something about it." She stopped me in front of her office, turning to face me. " And while your behavior is completely unacceptable for a professional work place, I won the pool, so I'm three thousand dollars richer, and you're off the hook."

She disappeared into her office with a smile.

nt - 5/15/10

Notes: Hollywood calls tonight; wish me luck!

*Prompt taken from The Write Brain Workbook: 366 Exercises to Liberate Your Writing by Bonnie Neubauer

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Question Wednesday

Q: If you could make a remote control for life, what are the five buttons you would have on it?


Easily, the first button I would put in would be a rewind button. This way, making decisions would be a hell of a lot easier. Make a decision, try it out and see if it's working out, and if not -- if I'm having regrets about it -- then I can just rewind. Which would be super useful.

Second button would be a mute button: for all those times in one's life when there's a screaming child or an obnoxious...whatever that needs to be quiet, and quickly.

Third button -- Another rewind button. Just in case the first one is broken.

Button number four would be the DVR record button. So I can record all the awesome parts of my life and play them back later.

And my fifth button would be a slo-mo button. That way, I could slow down time so I can get all the things I needed to get done accomplished. Like this blog post. Whis is very short. But I am very tired, and therefore must go to bed.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Status Report Monday (an ode to voicemail)

I'll be the first to admit that I get really nervous talking to people on the phone. I'll plan ahead of time what I'm going to say, and for the most part, stutter and stammer my way through whatever it is that I'm trying to articulate. It's a problem. Especially if it's an important phone call.

Usually, I do MUCH better when it comes to voice mail, because people aren't interrupting me, or asking me questions that I'm unprepared to answer (not for not knowing the answer, but for being able to express the answer without sounding like I need to repeat the fifth grade).

That being said, I made my Very Important Phone Call today... and got voice mail. Unfortunately, I had been prepared to get a Real Live Person since I had prepped for leaving a voice mail, and therefore managed to 'uh' and 'um' my way through what should have and could have been a very smooth, intelligent-sounding voice mail. A few hours later, my Very Important Phone Call was returned, and I had a lovely chat with Mr. VP of Development.

And by 'lovely chat' I mean that we spoke briefly about how we should speak more at length, later in the week. And how his assistant (Richard) would be calling me back to set up said Later Chat.

PS - I'm still waiting on Richard.

So, all in all, things on Anomaly seem to be moving in a forward-ish direction, albeit slowly. Everyone cross your fingers. I'll practice speaking without a stutter.

In other areas of my writing life, I won an award in a fic contest, was recc'd elsewhere, and printed out the manuscript (as it stands today, at 207 pages and just more than halfway done) of Harem. I'm planning on hefting that particularly thick stack of paper around for a few days to try to get back in the flow of things. And do some editing. I've been reading it aloud to my grandmother to entertain her, and this has allowed me to find all of the glaring mistakes, such as typos and misplaced sentences and paragraphs that needed to be deleted when a plot line changed. My favorite find, so far, has been the typo of: "as he lunched for my neck" instead of "as he lurched for my neck."

All of this, combined with the fact that I've been running on four hours of sleep a night, has made for interesting times. My right-side limbs are numb and tingly (which is new and unusual), and apparently, I flirt better while severely sleep deprived. At least something good will come of it.

And now, I am going to go to bed.