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Friday, May 28, 2010

Prompt Friday: "Chronomentrophobia"

"The clock in this room..."

The clock in this room is broken. It ticks at uneven intervals, not able to muster up enough energy to push the minute hand up past the 32 minute mark. It would have driven me insane if I was sure I was sane to begin with. I approximate the time by the long shadows on the floor and roll myself to my feet. It takes more effort than it should. I don't want to think what it would take to put on clothes.

I have been staring at the broken clock for close to three days now. Give or take a few hours. It's hard to keep track when your only point of reference is as as useful as a dictionary with no definitions. Just lists and lists of words in alphabetical order with no meaning. The clock seemed smug about the power it held over me. The glow of the late-day sun turned silver through the blinds as I pulled myself from my bed.

The low squeal of the clock's gears joins the arrhythmic staccato of the clock's cry for attention. I ignore it like I ignore the twisting clench of my empty stomach, moving through the ticking and the whining, feeling the sound bounce off my skin and bones like echolocation. I press myself against the wall to hide my presence from the eyes of the clock. The heavy noise is keeping me trapped in this room; a butterfly pinned to the board.

I squeeze my eyes shut and edge toward the door. As long as I can't see it, it can't see me. I feel along the wall with shaking fingers, find the door jamb and heave myself out. The ticking has followed. I don't dare open my eyes. If I do, I'll see the hands of the clock moving backwards.

nt - 5/28/10

Notes: Chronomentrophobia is the fear of clocks.

*Prompt taken from The Write Brain Workbook: 366 Exercises to Liberate Your Writing by Bonnie Neubauer

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Question Wednesday

Q: Will you be updating today?

No, sorry. Lots of things, no time.
Tune in Friday for a prompt fill! (Hopefully)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Status Report Monday (if there's physical violence, it wasn't me)

A few quick things -- in list form -- because it is that kind of day.

1. I have started rewrites of Anomaly. And by "rewrites" I mean "an entirely new script." Things I am working on:
- Refocusing the main character.
- Dialogue that is less info-dump and more natural.
- Clearer set pieces.
- More plot twists and conspiracies.
- Bigger explosions.

2. The following is an open letter to the writers of Doctor Who:
You are wonderful; truly, you are. However, the sheer number of two-part episodes this season is making me angry. Quit it with the cliff-hangers already! Also, please define Matt Smith's Doctor a little more clearly. I'm still not sure who he is as a person yet. Eccleston was defined (angry, broken, cynical after the Time War); Tennant was defined (manic, fun-loving, clever and recovering from his emotional wounds); yet, Smith is still undefined. And this is something you should have done within the very first episode. Instead, you defined Amy quite nicely, and left us with an amorphous blob of a Doctor who seems much less clever than the previous two. GET ON THAT. Hugs and Kisses - Nic.

3. The parenthetical from the title of today's blog post was something I actually said to my boss today, in reference to a whiny co-worker. Sarcasm translates much better in person.

4. My little old people like to feed me, and today I was gifted with a banana that very accurately resembled a well-proportioned dildo. I'm still alarmed.

5. Because I'm not busy enough, I'm also working on another screenplay with my friend, Chris Bov (or, as I call him, Bovtastic. Or Bovalicious.) Let's just say, it's the role of a lifetime for Hugh Grant. Yes, I know that makes no sense.

6. I have officially deferred graduate school for another year. This will allow me to save up ALL of the money for tuition (as opposed to half, which would then leave me destitute in a foreign country) as well as be home to help out my family because my grandmother is still in the hospital. Which brings me to my final point:

7. Please pray, or send positive vibes, or whatever your personal belief system equivalent is, for my grandmother. She's been in the hospital nearing nine months now, and she's not doing very well. Your thoughts are appreciated.

...And now I'm off to accomplish many things.