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Monday, July 18, 2011

Status Report Monday (lists REDUX)

Life planning, numerical style. Oh, yeah.

1. Have fully committed to throwing in new sub-plot to Harem. Only slightly queasy about adding new characters and minor tangent. General thoughts on it leave me with the feeling that it's probably better off this way. Further thoughts leave Inner Me screaming in the corner of my brain "Oh, God, oh, God, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE." Needless to say, Me and Inner Me are having a bit of a quarrel at the moment.

2. Finally decided to just give up on the idea of actually going to grad school. Besides the lack of money to go get my Masters (Dear American Education System: there is no way in hell that a "higher education" should cost that much and not qualify for some sort of need-based, non-loan, aid. XO-nic), I also lack the qualifications to apply to a PhD program (Dear American Education System: I want my PhD in ENGLISH literature. There is no reason I need to 1. Have 2 years of a college-level foreign language or 2. Be moderately fluent in said foreign language. Research or not, ENGLISH literature is not written in an obscure, yet quantifiable testable language. XO-nic).

3. In lieu of graduate school, I am planning to start EMT-Critical Care class in September, and Paramedic class some time after that. Moral of the story: come get hurt in my ambulance district, I will fix you. Or at least bring you to the hospital where they will fix you.

3a. Almost delivered twins on my tour last night. Almost. Now, I'm totally aware that I said that I never, EVER, under no circumstances, wanted to deliver babies, but my partner was so enthused about it that I got swept up in her excitement. And now I'm a little disappointed that there was no delivery. Granted, it would've been a complicated childbirth, and probably required a C-section when we got her to the hospital, but still, it would've been cool. Next time... I'll totally be ready.

4. Have a lot of truly spectacular ideas bouncing around in my head to write after a completed first draft of Harem is done. Unrelated Spoilers from the Various Projects: pineapples, mechanical steampunk hearts, mind control, nudist colonies and epic quests. If that was a teaser trailer, there would be really fantastic music playing and lots of quick cuts.

5. I've started a Twitter account. No guarantees I'll post anything interesting, but I'll try. Follow me!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Return from the Abyss

Apologies, I have been gone for much too long. Things have been very crazy in my life lately.

Other than starting up two new jobs in the EMS field, I've been working on my probationary stuff for my volunteer, and left my job for bigger and better things.

And let me tell you, job hunting is exhausting.

I've decided to use my time off of working a full-time job to actually make some progress in writing, as well as study for the (dreaded) GRE to apply for an English PhD program. After months and months of looking into Creaive Writing MFA programs, I figure that at the end of the day (2 years and 40k of debt) that an MFA isn't going to get me what I want.

Well, that's my quick update. I will try not to disappear for such an extended period of time again, but no promises, as I am trying my hardest to finish up at least one project to bring to you guys.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Status Report Monday (probie!)

I passed my EMT test!

It's strange to have free time all of a sudden. It won't last for too long, though. I start my probationary class on Thursday, and, if all goes well, I'll actually be getting my instructor credentials starting mid-April. Other than that, I'm waiting to hear back from grad school.

Now that I have a little time to think, I've been working on the novel. I'm thinking of turning my screenplay into a novel, as well, which I will likely begin working on as soon as I get a first draft of Harem finished. I should get started...


Monday, February 21, 2011

Status Report Monday (the human head)

Sorry, this is going to be very brief tonight because I need to go study up on skull and brain injuries.

That being said, no, I haven't gotten any writing done this week. I did have the joy of shoveling my entire driveway with a 6 inch wide shovel because my real snow shovel decided to bite the bullet. I had honestly thought that we were done with this whole snow thing.

There are 31 days until my EMT test, so I will get back to studying, leaving you with this nugget of information:

The human head weighs approximately 17 pounds.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Status Report Monday (least cynical cynical post ever)

Let me start bluntly:

I hate Valentine's Day.

But not for the cynical reasons you may think. I don't dislike Valentine's Day because I'm "alone" or "lonely" or any of those other reasons. I've just never been one of those people who finds it necessary to find my happiness in someone else. I'm happy with who I am and what I have. I'd much rather be happy WITH someone instead of being happy BECAUSE of someone. These two don't have to be mutually exclusive, but I daresay they work better together.

No, I hate Valentine's Day because it gives the world the excuse to not appreciate the people in their lives. I don't think you should have to wait until an arbitrary day in February to tell someone you love them or care about them. Why do you have to wait until there are special Hallmark cards in the store to do something special for someone you care about? Life is too short to wait around for a holiday. Personally, I think people should treat every day like Valentine's Day. Not necessarily buying flowers and chocolate, but to tell the people in their life "Hey, you're special to me. You make my life better. Thank you for being you."

For example, all day today, people I encountered (which is a large number, due to my day job) have been telling me that "I deserve to have a good Valentine's Day." Why? Why can't people be pleasant to each other on a daily basis? Why do we have to wait for a designated day to recognize the people in our lives? Why don't we say things like "You deserve to have a good Monday."

Because let me tell you, I would LOVE to have a good Monday. Much more than I'd love to have a good Valentine's Day.

It was said to me that Valentine's Day gives us the opportunity to treat our loved ones special, because we get swept up in our daily lives. Maybe it's just me, but I'm of the mindset that life is just too damn short to wait for an opportunity. You have to make your own opportunities. And when someone you love and care for deeply can be taken from you in a blink of an eye, why would you wait to share that information with them? I think everyone should try to treat everyone special, regardless of the day. Otherwise, at the end of the day, all we're left with is regret.


PS - Have a great Monday, everyone.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Status Report Monday (these apples are delicious)

...As a matter of fact they are, she said.

(Name that song).

Okay, so technically delicious apples aren't my favorite. I actually have a drawer of MacIntosh and Gala apples in my fridge.

So, what's new, internet? I had intended to update last week, but it was the week from hell, so I didn't want to have a gloomy update. This week will be busy, however.

Tuesday and Thursday I have class. Wednesday I have a five hour clinical rotation for class, and I'm considering doing a martial arts class on Friday. Maybe not. I am a bit tired already. Plus, I'll need to study.

In other news, I have successfully restarted the writing process. I restructured the entire first half of the novel to incorporate more "twisties" (as I like to call them). So that should be coming along. I'd like to have an entire first manuscript done by the end of this year.

Ah, well. Off to go get some more worke done. And maybe some sleep.


PS - the song is "These Apples" by Barenaked Ladies.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Status Report Monday (guh, Monday)

I really dislike Mondays. For example, today, I managed to splash boiling water in my eye. Yes. In. My. Eye.

Least pleasant thing I can think of in recent memory.

Also, thought I had a bit of a day off because of the holiday, but it turns out I don't. So this post, which was going to be considerably longer, is now shorter due to the fact that I have to work.

At least I got to have my nice cup of hot chocolate before the realization that I needed to do lots of work snuck up on me.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Status Report Monday (i have returned?!)

Oh, why, hello there, neglected blog. It has been far too long (and I know this due to the fact that I actually had to sign in when returning to post... goodness).

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful holiday season and a lovely New Year and made (and then promptly broke) their resolutions. I know that one of my resolutions was to pay attention more to this blog, and we all saw how well THAT worked out. Ten days into the new year, and I'm just getting around to posting.

So sorry!

Anyway, I am slowly climbing back on board the motivated, get things done train (not that I ever really left, I was just sidetracked in a different car). And, as a quick update, here are the things I have planned for this year:

1. Finish EMT class already (jeez). I spend way too much time focused on studying for this class because I want to actually be good at what I set out to do, and then I try TOO hard (does that make any sense?). I am quickly approaching Interim test 2 of 3 for the class (right after the Ob/Gyn section... babies... I don't know how I feel about that... it looks... sticky), and I test out at the very end of March. Wish me luck. I plan on kicking that test's ass.

2. Completely overhaul HAREM. I spent a lot of time thinking about the story and where I want it to go, and I figured out that if it's going to start looking anything like what I expect it to be, that I need to overhaul it, and restructure the story. Mostly, I think this will be accomplished by adding in a few more story arc points and twists and turns. In other words, more excitement. In further words, more work.

3. Attempt to finish entire rough manuscript of HAREM by the end of the year. As long as I get my butt in gear, I really don't see why this isn't possible. I will be working on a bit of a 3-month handicap (because I know I won't be able to fully devote my attention to it until EMT class is done), but I will try my hardest to accomplish this.

I think that's a good starting point for goals. I'm also thinking about working on a few other ideas I have bouncing around (namely, AWIXA and PERCHANCE TO DREAM), but we'll see what my time schedule shapes up to be.

Wish me luck!