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Monday, February 7, 2011

Status Report Monday (these apples are delicious)

...As a matter of fact they are, she said.

(Name that song).

Okay, so technically delicious apples aren't my favorite. I actually have a drawer of MacIntosh and Gala apples in my fridge.

So, what's new, internet? I had intended to update last week, but it was the week from hell, so I didn't want to have a gloomy update. This week will be busy, however.

Tuesday and Thursday I have class. Wednesday I have a five hour clinical rotation for class, and I'm considering doing a martial arts class on Friday. Maybe not. I am a bit tired already. Plus, I'll need to study.

In other news, I have successfully restarted the writing process. I restructured the entire first half of the novel to incorporate more "twisties" (as I like to call them). So that should be coming along. I'd like to have an entire first manuscript done by the end of this year.

Ah, well. Off to go get some more worke done. And maybe some sleep.


PS - the song is "These Apples" by Barenaked Ladies.