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Monday, June 27, 2011

Return from the Abyss

Apologies, I have been gone for much too long. Things have been very crazy in my life lately.

Other than starting up two new jobs in the EMS field, I've been working on my probationary stuff for my volunteer, and left my job for bigger and better things.

And let me tell you, job hunting is exhausting.

I've decided to use my time off of working a full-time job to actually make some progress in writing, as well as study for the (dreaded) GRE to apply for an English PhD program. After months and months of looking into Creaive Writing MFA programs, I figure that at the end of the day (2 years and 40k of debt) that an MFA isn't going to get me what I want.

Well, that's my quick update. I will try not to disappear for such an extended period of time again, but no promises, as I am trying my hardest to finish up at least one project to bring to you guys.