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Monday, July 18, 2011

Status Report Monday (lists REDUX)

Life planning, numerical style. Oh, yeah.

1. Have fully committed to throwing in new sub-plot to Harem. Only slightly queasy about adding new characters and minor tangent. General thoughts on it leave me with the feeling that it's probably better off this way. Further thoughts leave Inner Me screaming in the corner of my brain "Oh, God, oh, God, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE." Needless to say, Me and Inner Me are having a bit of a quarrel at the moment.

2. Finally decided to just give up on the idea of actually going to grad school. Besides the lack of money to go get my Masters (Dear American Education System: there is no way in hell that a "higher education" should cost that much and not qualify for some sort of need-based, non-loan, aid. XO-nic), I also lack the qualifications to apply to a PhD program (Dear American Education System: I want my PhD in ENGLISH literature. There is no reason I need to 1. Have 2 years of a college-level foreign language or 2. Be moderately fluent in said foreign language. Research or not, ENGLISH literature is not written in an obscure, yet quantifiable testable language. XO-nic).

3. In lieu of graduate school, I am planning to start EMT-Critical Care class in September, and Paramedic class some time after that. Moral of the story: come get hurt in my ambulance district, I will fix you. Or at least bring you to the hospital where they will fix you.

3a. Almost delivered twins on my tour last night. Almost. Now, I'm totally aware that I said that I never, EVER, under no circumstances, wanted to deliver babies, but my partner was so enthused about it that I got swept up in her excitement. And now I'm a little disappointed that there was no delivery. Granted, it would've been a complicated childbirth, and probably required a C-section when we got her to the hospital, but still, it would've been cool. Next time... I'll totally be ready.

4. Have a lot of truly spectacular ideas bouncing around in my head to write after a completed first draft of Harem is done. Unrelated Spoilers from the Various Projects: pineapples, mechanical steampunk hearts, mind control, nudist colonies and epic quests. If that was a teaser trailer, there would be really fantastic music playing and lots of quick cuts.

5. I've started a Twitter account. No guarantees I'll post anything interesting, but I'll try. Follow me!